Yousef Abdalbari

I am a Media Joker, and I can provide you with all of your needs, from content creation to broadcast.

 Your mediator choice in the UAE

Helping you with the following areas to reach your target.


& Content Writing

Creating valuable content and distributing through social media platforms to attract and gain the attention of the target audience.


& Radio

Creating content through your data and turning it into story on any platform of your choice, service can be presented via state of the art technology, in anytime or any location.


& Video Production

Creating highly engaging and powerful  messages, maybe you are not a content writer, why not give us the facts and leave the rest to us, so that's content creation, and voice over talent !


Ceremony Hosting

Hosting events as a master of ceremonies, and can add the 12 year experience to tailor your events agenda to the latest protocols and standards.

While also providing

Ongoing support

You have my ongoing support on your marketing campaigns.

Monthly reports

You will be updated on the progress every month.

Short deadlines

My clients know, whatever I do, I do under short deadlines.

Let's get introduced

I am an independent media service provider in the UAE, that helps companies to convey their messages through unprecendented content and Ideas .

  • Through an Accumulated experience in different news rooms Such as the Arabian Radio Network and Dubai Media Incorporated, As a News presenter and Chief Editor I have the skills to understand your target customers, their behavior, and your industry to differentiate yourself from your competition.

  • During the past seven years, I've been on the podium, behind the mic and in-front of the camera for various events, As a result, I understood that you won't love a person or understand an initiative through a traditional press release, instead I understand and practice the saying " its not what you say, its how you say it."

What to expect

Well, it takes just a little bit of time and a lot of coffee. But then here is what you can expect:

  • Transparent Reporting: Once a strategy is successfully implemented through campaigns, expect me to offer transparent Project.

  • We don't turn down last minute requests, as long as we are alive, it can be done.

  • High-touch Local Customer Service: Expect to get a close working relationship with me. You can reach me and my customer support team in a pinch.

Yousef Abdalbari

A media person nowadays is a smile and a look, no content, no understanding of tools, and no imagination to turn data to content, I've seen enough examples to become who I am today- A Media Joker.

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